Team Scotland Kicks Ass with AntiStank!

Moooore exciting sponsor news for Team Scotland!  Huge thanks also to AntiStank for generously helping us on our way to Toronto!AntiStank is an anti-microbial spray formulated specifically for protective gear (elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, helmets…). The spray works by killing the bacteria that cause the odour and leaves a pleasant scent behind. AntiStank currently comes in three fantastic scents: Mint to Kill, Clothes Lined, and Unicorn Tears. Simply spray it on your pads after use, let them air out, and marvel at how long you can go without washing them.
Antistank was created by Mistress Azrael and DV Ant, skaters for Circle City Derby Girls and Race City Rebels, respectively, because they felt like the anti-odor sprays that were currently on the market just weren’t cutting it when it came to battling derby stank. Through trial and error, the product now known and loved as AntiStank came to be.

You can buy AntiStank over on etsy:
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Thank you DerbySkinz for keeping Team Scotland’s hineys shiny!

Sponsor news for Team Scotland!! Thank you DerbySkinz for keeping Team Scotland’s hineys shiny!

DerbySkinz is dedicated to helping skaters all over the world achieve their dreams of looking great and letting their personality be known.

DerbySkinz manufactures and distributes high quality, distinctive apparel and accessories to the worldwide roller derby community and beyond. Dedicated to creating a unique, fun, product, Derbyskinz are committed to keeping it reasonably priced. Honesty, integrity and hard work along with a high level of customer service is the basis of DerbySkinz.

DerbySkinz uniforms, custom or basic, are hand crafted, made to order by our team, for your team. That’s the DerbySkinz difference:

“We may be replicated, but never duplicated”

Visit the DerbySkinz online store here:

Sponsor news!

Team Scotland is proud to announce our latest sponsor!

Kick-Flip Boards UK aims to offer the very best products for your chosen sport and provide all round value for money with first class customer service. With their extensive brand portfolio and new lines added every week, Kick-Flip Boards UK is a fast growing and dynamic skate and extreme sport store.

Make sure you check them out: is the UK’s leading, independent extreme skate and skateboarding shop – skateboards, longboards, scooters, inline, ice, quad and roller skates, safety gear, parts and skate accessories., Team Scotland salutes you!

Team Scotland vs Northern Allstars 16.10.2011

In another warm up bout for the Roller Derby World Cup, Team Scotland is pitting our skills against the best that the North of England can throw at us!

Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh
Doors open 1.30pm
Tickets on the door for £6
Under 14s free!

Grab yourself some TS merch! Fill yer faces with all sorts of cakey goodness and you might even win yourself some fabulous prizes at the raffle!

Space for vendor stalls too, so if you are arty or crafty get in touch and secure yourself a spot