Game Report: LRG Brawl Saints 291 v 119 Team Scotland

Saturday 6th May, 2017

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, London


London Roller Girls’ Brawl Saints welcomed Team Scotland as the second part of a double header alongside Batter C Power’s 207-169 victory over Amsterdam Roller Derby at the snug but bouncing Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.

The Brawl Saints shot out of the blocks as Team Scotland struggled to settle into the game. Led by Team England jammers Jack Attack and Delta Strike, the hosts quickly raced past the 50 point mark before the visitors managed to register points of their own. These eventually came after Shorty collected a star pass and busted her moves to bring the score to 66-6. Rosie Peacock then added to the Scotland score with 4 more points, and soon after followed up with a crowd-pleasing 19 point jam, bringing the score to 94-33. The first half, having been littered with powerjams for both sides, closed with the Brawl Saints leading 155-55.

The second half began with Delta Strike taking lead jammer status, only to see points stolen at the whistle by Laurie’s apex jump, the trademark move of fellow Scotland jammer Tids who utilised it alongside fine footwork to clock up further points. Shorty was again making the most of receiving the star during the second half, waltzing through the pack to pick up more Scottish points. Rosie Peacock continued to bustle through opposition walls, always with much approval from the crowd, who particularly appreciated Rosie’s on-skates cartwheel during an official review. There was clearly plenty of love amongst the audience for Team Scotland, not least for London-based Brute whose fans were out in full support.

After the fraught beginning to the first half, Team Scotland’s blockers had settled into the game more and more, particularly impressively given that Granite City’s trio of Jo Mamma, McCartney and Riot had arrived at the venue just in time for the warm up following a delayed flight. Plenty was being asked of the Scottish team not just due to their opponent’s proficiency and well-drilled teamwork, but also because of the handicap of taking to the track with only ten skaters. This uphill challenge was bravely met and exemplified by the strength and determination of Mona and Phoenix, both of whom had been fighting their own battles with illness over the weekend. Despite numerous Scottish surges throughout the second half, LRG’s Brawl Saints continued to dominate the affair, which culminated in a 291-119 victory over the visitors.

MVP: Riot




03 Shorty

09 Riot (c)

22 Mona

407 Jo Mamma

50 Peacock

507 Phoenix

750 Brute

764 Tids

87 McCartney

99 Laurie


Bench: Techno

LUM: REd Baron

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