Team Scotland Kicks Ass with AntiStank!

Moooore exciting sponsor news for Team Scotland!  Huge thanks also to AntiStank for generously helping us on our way to Toronto!AntiStank is an anti-microbial spray formulated specifically for protective gear (elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, helmets…). The spray works by killing the bacteria that cause the odour and leaves a pleasant scent behind. AntiStank currently comes in three fantastic scents: Mint to Kill, Clothes Lined, and Unicorn Tears. Simply spray it on your pads after use, let them air out, and marvel at how long you can go without washing them.
Antistank was created by Mistress Azrael and DV Ant, skaters for Circle City Derby Girls and Race City Rebels, respectively, because they felt like the anti-odor sprays that were currently on the market just weren’t cutting it when it came to battling derby stank. Through trial and error, the product now known and loved as AntiStank came to be.

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