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Team Scotland is made up of the best skaters from all the leagues across the uk.  Selection is currently underway for the team that will go to the Blood and Thunder world cup, this December in Dallas, USA.  This is the 2nd world cup  to be held following the inaugural 2011 Blood and Thunder world cup in Toronto, Canada, where Team Scotland were placed 11th over all.


What Is Roller Derby

Roller derby is a predominantly female full contact sport played on quad roller skates.  Teams of 5 players skate on an oval track, where the designated ‘Jammer’ scores points by passing the ‘blockers’ of the opposing team.  A game is made up of 2 30 minute halves, that are further subdivided into jams, each jam is a maximum of 2 minutes in length with the lead jammer, that’s the 1st of the jammers to pass through the pack of blockers cleanly, having the option to call of the jam to prevent the other jammer from scoring points.


Preparations for the World Cup 2014

We are currently preparing for Dallas 2014, where the Original 13 teams will be joined by teams from all over the world making it a massive 29 team tournament this time round.

Stay tuned to keep yourselves updated on all of Team Scotland’s news and events that are happening over the next 10 months leading up to December.  Exciting times ahead!!


How to Get Involved in Roller Derby

Just check out what leagues are close to your area and give them a shout to find out when their next Fresh Meat is. – List of Scottish Leagues.

Fresh Meats (Intake days) in Scotland are often cross posted on the Scottish Roller Derby Blog.

To find out more about how roller derby, check out WFTDA:

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the international governing body of women’s flat track roller derby. This website will introduce you to our organization and member leagues, educate you on the rules of roller derby, and provide information on how to join this forward-thinking organization. is also your best source for roller derby tips and advice, as well as the most up-to-date news and information about flat track roller derby tournaments and rankings.


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Shop Closing – Get your orders in!

As most of us will be heading off to Dallas after this weekend we will be closing our on line shop on Thursday! so you have 2 days to order Team scotland Merch or come along to Capital City’s debut game.

 Our Shop 

New Sponsor: Sport Stiks

We are very happy to announce our new sponsor for the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup is  Sport Stiks! This sponsorship is for our number tattoo’s that our skaters wear on their arms to identify them to the referee’s.

No more blurred unreadable numbers or permanent marker smeared all over your shirt on game day.

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In the Media: Auld Reekie’s Magnificent Seven target World Cup glory

In the press again, today we are in the North Edinburgh News! A locally owned and managed organisation serving North Edinburgh for 30 years.

Click below to read a short article promoting Edinburgh’s contribution of skaters for this years World Cup.

In The Media: A Proud Dad

Check out this amazing article written by our Vice Captain’s (Mona Rampages) dad on his blog! Anyone else have proud folks out there?

// read more >

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